Land Brokerage

The brokers at Maryland Land Advisors are highly skilled; our marketing is robust, modern and superior; our reputation for getting land to the settlement table is unsurpassed; and our commission is fair and well-deserved.

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Landowners love us … and you will too. If you own land of any type--farm, field, woods, building site or redevelopment opportunity, we look forward to discussing how we might serve you.


Land development can be a complicated, expensive and time-consuming process. We are adept at maneuvering and negotiating the maze of government, community and bureaucratic processes to transform unimproved land into record lots.

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We coordinate all activities required to obtain final approval and permits for your project, and we assist in fee development, easement acquisition, rezoning, or annexation.


More wealth has been created by land ownership than by any other investment vehicle. We work with landowners to understand their goals and objectives and then examine all the development options available.

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On the flip side, investing in land can offer stable yields as well as substantial upside once the property is sold for development. From time to time Maryland Land Advisors can offer investment positions in forthcoming development opportunities.

Expert Witness

Stephen J. Ferrandi has a proven track record as an expert witness before the Federal Bankruptcy Court in Greenbelt, Maryland, the Circuit Court of Anne Arundel County and Baltimore County, among others.

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Expert Witness

Other places include the Liquor Board for Anne Arundel County, the Perryville Maryland Town Commissioners, The City of Bowie City Council, the County Commissioners for Charles County.

Site Clean-Up

Illegal dumping is a troubling reality for those owning vacant land. We are experienced in site clean-up, regardless of the type or quantity of debris and complexity of buildings to be razed.

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Because debris can be hidden, we do a thorough walk-through of the property and provide an estimate so you are never surprised in the end.


An affiliate of Maryland Land Advisors’ consulting arm, Maryland Land Associates focuses on real estate investment. In collaboration with industry associates, we partner with land owners who wish to increase the value of their land.

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We typically do this by improving its zoning – and then sell to or partner with developers to realize the maximum potential of their land holding.


If you have land, whether it is rolling farmland, mature woodlands, hills - complete with a mountain stream, or any other property and you want to insure that it always remains protected and undeveloped, Maryland Land Advisors can help you.

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Sometimes a farm is just meant to be a farm. 

Transfer Development Rights

Transfer of Development Rights or TDR programs allow private developers purchase the development rights from a landowner in a designated “sending zone” or an area designated for agricultural preservation.

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Maryland Land Advisors can find a developer interested in acquiring your rights, negotiate the price and sales agreement and represent you through the process.


If you are considering selling your property, and would like to know its value, we are happy to prepare, at no cost or obligation, a confidential Opinion of Value report, highlighting the property’s strengths, as well as deficiencies, if any.

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Whether for estate purposes or strategic planning, we can evaluate your land to determine its value under various scenarios.