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Our name says it all. The team at Maryland Land Advisors has been brokering land throughout Maryland since 1997. Maryland Land Advisors is the state’s only full-spectrum land brokerage, representing farmers in the sale of agricultural land; investors and developers in the sale of pad sites, subdivisions, and commercial development opportunities; and families in the sale of single building lots, land for hunting or other recreational activities. If you have any type of land, we can advise you on its sale, reclamation, repurposing or development. We have sold over half a billion dollars’ worth of land since incorporation and are a trusted resource for owners, lenders, institutions, developers and builders.

“Under All Is the Land”

This first sentence from the code of ethics of the National Association of Realtors is the foundation of our land practice. Before the first spade of dirt is turned for any development project, years’ worth of critical decisions have been considered and made. The brokers at Maryland Land Advisors assist sellers and purchasers in making those decisions--from completing a market analysis of a property, to determining the value of a land parcel, through obtaining easements, up-zoning. Once a property is ready to go on the market, we deploy our robust marketing program, which covers traditional and digital advertising, plus our vast network of connections. When the offers arrive, we guide our customers through what can be an emotional and trying time with steady, expert guidance. You can rest assured you’ll get top results.

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Land Brokerage

The brokers at Maryland Land Advisors are highly skilled; our marketing is robust, modern and superior; our reputation for getting land to the settlement table is unsurpassed; and our commission is fair and well-deserved.

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Landowners love us … and you will too. If you own land of any type--farm, field, woods, building site or redevelopment opportunity, we look forward to discussing how we might serve you.

Site Clean-Up

Illegal dumping is a troubling reality for those owning vacant land. We are experienced in site clean-up, regardless of the type or quantity of debris and complexity of buildings to be razed.

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Because debris can be hidden, we do a thorough walk-through of the property and provide an estimate so you are never surprised in the end.


Land development can be a complicated, expensive and time-consuming process. We are adept at maneuvering and negotiating the maze of government, community and bureaucratic processes to transform unimproved land into record lots.

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We coordinate all activities required to obtain final approval and permits for your project, and we assist in fee development, easement acquisition, rezoning, or annexation.

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More wealth has been created by land ownership than by any other investment vehicle. We work with landowners to understand their goals and objectives and then examine all the development options available.

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On the flip side, investing in land can offer stable yields as well as substantial upside once the property is sold for development. From time to time Maryland Land Advisors can offer investment positions in forthcoming development opportunities.

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Meet the Team

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Weekly Blog

LAND LESSONS- New to Land Entitlements? Here is a little advice.

July 22, 2024

“Bureaucracy is the epoxy that greases the wheels of progress.”- James Boren  Why does it take two, three or five years to obtain all the necessary entitlements required to build a residential subdivision or commercial development in Maryland?  Appreciate that more than 20 separate government agencies including planning, public works, parks & recreation, natural resources all need…

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LAND LESSONS- What is a Priority Funding Area? 

July 19, 2024

Priority Funding Areas (PFA’s) are existing communities and places designated by local governments indicating where they want investment to support future growth.  Growth-related projects covered by the legislation include most state programs that encourage or support growth and development such as highways, sewer and water construction, economic development assistance and state leases or construction of new…

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LAND LESSONS- What is meant by the term “Right of Way”? 

July 18, 2024

Many confuse the term ”right of way” with the term ”easement“. Though they do similar things, they are different. Essentially, all rights-of-way are easements, but not all easements are rights-of-way.  Rights-of-way are easements that specifically grant the holder the right to travel over another’s property.  Easements are nonpossessory interests in real property. More simply, an easement…

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LAND LESSONS- What is meant by the characteristics of land?

July 17, 2024

Land, unlike real estate or real property, has certain unique and specific characteristics that it alone holds. They are typically discussed in the context of physical and non-economic characteristics of land. Physical Characteristics Indestructibility: Land cannot be destroyed or worn out. Its appearance may be altered but it always continues to exist. Immobility: Geographical location…

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LAND LESSONS- What is the Baltimore County URDL?

July 16, 2024

The Urban-Rural Demarcation Line (URDL) divides the county into 2 categories, “urban” and “rural”.  This Urban Rural Demarcation Line shows where growth is encouraged and where land should remain farmland. After World War II, millions of young veterans returned to America anxious to marry and start their families. In Baltimore County in the late 1940s,…

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LAND LESSONS- What are the differences between a site plan and a plot plan? 

July 15, 2024

Plot Plans are scaled drawings that indicate the size, shape, and location of the lot as well as any improvements that have occurred. Most plot plans include the location of utility lines, trees, and fences. Plot plans are typically reserved for a smaller individual project – the construction of a single-family home, installation of a…

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LAND LESSONS- Land Ownership 

July 12, 2024

Your right to own property started in 1779 with the establishment of the Virginia Land Act.   The area of land known as the American Colonies was established by the King of England and owned by degree under the feudal system. The king would issue land grants to noble men, or generals and these people would…

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LAND LESSONS- What is the Maryland Agriculture Recapture Tax? 

July 10, 2024

In an effort to promote the raising of livestock or the growing of agricultural outputs such as grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables, Maryland assesses land used for productive agriculture at a lower taxable value. This yields the tax on a farmer’s field in the hundreds of dollars rather than thousands of dollars compared if the…

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LAND LESSONS- Phase One Environmental Site Assessment  

July 9, 2024

What is a Phase One Environmental Site Assessment?  You’re a developer searching for a great site for a residential community driving a road you seldom drive. You see water and sewer lines being installed, new homes under construction, as well as a new grocery-anchored shopping center.   A mile down the road, you see a homemade “For…

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LAND LESSONS- What is Lot Line Adjustment?

June 14, 2024

What is lot line adjustment?   A lot line adjustment is the process that involves altering the property lines of existing parcels of land in order to create two or more properties with different legal property boundaries than before the adjustment.   Depending on local regulations one may merge up to 4 adjoining parcels into one single…

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