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Maryland Land Development

Land development is complicated and can be a very time-consuming process. Maryland Land Brokers is adept at handling the maze of government, community, legal, and financial processes that are part of development projects from start to finish. We are here to help you understand the entire process and effectively move projects of any size and complexity from planning to file closed.  We specialize in fee development and easement acquisition and disposition, and have optimized how we approach these projects.

We Are Experts in For-Fee Development

We have created real value for clients who are capable of funding the development entitlement process. Understanding that entitled ground is more valuable than unentitled ground, we have worked on behalf of individuals and institutions to shepherd their land through the local development process and sell fully or partially entitled lots to America's largest homebuilders, creating millions of dollars in value to our clients.

This for-fee development process is straight forward: We act as developer, hiring all necessary consultants and development professionals; we attend all meetings with government and community officials and potential purchasers on your behalf; and we then deliver an entitled property. Fees, invoices, and payments are fully transparent:  you pay all invoices directly to the vendor, without mark up from us. You pay us an agreed-upon fee for acting as the developer, plus a negotiated percentage of the sales price of the property at settlement.

If our optimized method is of interest to you, please contact us, and we’d be happy to share more information.

Easement Acquisition and Disposition

If you are a landowner, a government official, developer, or builder needing to acquire an easement might one day contact you. Easement deals are more complex than most realize. Governments may want to run a road over your property; utilities may want to run cable, water, sewer, or natural gas pipelines under your land; land developers or home builders may need access through your property to connect to utilities or roadways.

We will work on your behalf to determine the true value of any easement, as well as the proper type of easement that should be granted in order to protect your interests. Working through an attorney, we will review or draft an easement agreement that you present to the purchaser. Our first job is to help you understand the issues and their ramifications, and our second job is to negotiate the best price and terms for you once you agree to grant.