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LAND LESSONS- What is Lot Line Adjustment?


What is lot line adjustment?   A lot line adjustment is the process that involves altering the property lines of existing parcels of land in order to create two or more properties with different legal property boundaries than before the adjustment.   Depending on local regulations one may merge up to 4 adjoining parcels into one single…

LAND LESSONS- What is an Acre? 


What is an Acre?  Acre comes from a term used in the Middle Ages meaning how much land a man could plough with a team of oxen during a single day – sun up to sun down. It is traditionally defined as the area of one chain by one furlong (66 by 660 feet), which is…

Citybiz Interview with Stephen J. Ferrandi, President of Empire Argenti Companies


By Edwin Warfield Career | You’ve done a lot of things in your 56 years – left home at the age of 14 to and studied for five years to be a Catholic priest, started a magazine publishing business at the age of 19, renovated churches and synagogues at the age of 26 and became a…

759-unit housing development in the works near White Marsh Mall


By Melody Simmons Baltimore Business Journal A 759-unit development is in the works for a large parcel of mostly undeveloped land near White Marsh Mall in eastern Baltimore County. The 125-acre Villages at White Marsh will sit off Bucks School House Road and Perry Hall Boulevard, about two miles off Interstate 95, and stretch north…

Maryland Land Advisors to Create a 360-Unit Residential Project from the 135- Acre Unger Farm in Hagerstown


Stephen J. Ferrandi, President of Maryland Land Advisors, is proud to announce that his firm has been awarded the assignment to entitle and sell residential building lots from the 135-acre Unger Farm. The project, to be developed as Virginia Commons, will consist of single-family detached and duplex homesites, and a large community park or common…

Maryland Land Advisors Brokers McCormick Place – 62-lots in Rosedale


Maryland Land Advisors hired by Saturn Universal, a Baltimore-based financial firm to handle the disposition of a 62-lot subdivision taken back in foreclosure. The property consisting of 53 townhome lots and 9 single-family detached lots is located off of McCormick Avenue in Rosedale. The subdivision is fully entitled, and awaiting a buyer to begin the…