Easement Acquisition and Disposition

If you are a landowner in Maryland, there may come a time when you might be approached by a government official, developer or builder needing to acquire an easement through your land. Land owners must deal with the complex issues regarding easement more than most realize. Governments may want to run a road over your property, utilities may want to run cable, water, sewer or natural gas pipelines under your land, land developers or home builders may need access through your property to connect to utilities or roadways. We at Maryland Land Advisors will work on your behalf to determine the value of the easement,as well as the type of easement that needs to be granted in order to protect your interests. Working through an attorney we will review the purchaser’s easement agreement or draft the easement agreement that you can present to the purchaser. Our first job, is to help you understand all of the issues affecting you, prior to you granting an easement. Our second job, is to negotiate the best price and terms for you once you agree to grant the easement.