LAND LESSONS- What is Lot Line Adjustment?

What is lot line adjustment?  
A lot line adjustment is the process that involves altering the property lines of existing parcels of land in order to create two or more properties with different legal property boundaries than before the adjustment.  
Depending on local regulations one may merge up to 4 adjoining parcels into one single parcel, allowing the shapes of up to 4 parcels to be reconfigured. A lot line adjustment may permit one to both lessen the number of parcels or keep the number the same while altering the boundaries.  
The only thing you can’t use this process for is to increase the number of parcels you have. 
So, if you have four parcels, you can consolidate them into one parcel, but you can’t use a lot line adjustment to turn them into eight parcels.  
You would need to subdivide the lots to do this.