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Maryland Land Advisors is a consortium of land brokerage professionals who specialize in land sales, strategic planning and consulting. We serve the diverse needs of landowners considering selling, developing or placing their landholdings into conservation. We represent land owners, farmers, lenders, investors and the development community throughout the entire state of Maryland, We work with landowners when they want independent evaluation as to market value, need to market land for sale, require needed local representation when dealing with government entitlements or desire to hire a local firm skilled in cleaning up trash strewn sites.

Stephen Ferrandi holds a Master of Science degree in Real Estate from Johns Hopkins University has been active in the land development side of the industry in Maryland since 1997 and the construction side of the business since 1981. Since earning his real estate license in 1997 he has brokered in excess of $400 million worth of land transaction throughout Maryland. To date he has sold several thousand building lots, dozens of sites for houses of worship and brokered the sale of development rights throughout Maryland. He holds licenses in Maryland (Associate Broker) and Pennsylvania, Delaware (Broker), Washington, D.C. and Virginia He holds the prestigious Accredited Land Consultant certification as issued by the Realtor’s Land Institute. He is a licensed associate broker with KLNB Commercial Real Estate.. 

Josh Halbedel who specializes in in-fill development throughout the Washington and Baltimore metropolitan began his real estate career on the real estate auction side of the areas has been active in the land brokerage Josh is licensed in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. Josh holds a Bachelor degree in Real Estate from the University of Baltimore. He is also completing his Accredited Land Consultant certification as determined by the Realtor’s Land Institute. He is a licensed agent with KLNB Commercial Real Estate. 

Barb Bindon holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Arkansas and a certificate in project management for the American University in Cairo, Egypt. A big believer in stellar customer service, Barb specializes in solving difficult problems. She is a big believer in her ability (and her satisfied clients would agree) what it is possible to make someone’s day and solve problems with a single well placed phone call. Barb is a Maryland licensed real estate agent an ALC Candidate.

We are always available to give you a free opinion of value or discuss the various options you have with your property. Should we you to discuss or market your property for sale please call us for a no obligation meeting with one of our land professionals.

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