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“Under all is the Land.” This first sentence from the preamble of the code of ethics of the National Association of Realtors is the foundation of our land practice. Before the first spade of dirt is turned for any development project, years worth of critical decisions have to be made. We assist sellers and purchasers in making those decisions -- from completing a market analysis of the subject property, to determining the value of the land parcel, through obtaining easements, up-zoning, marketing the property, and reviewing the multiple purchase offers. When it is time to sell a farm field, a forest, a single lot or a large subdivision, we are proud to be the trusted resource that both land owners and land developers rely on for all of their land needs in Maryland.

Stephen Ferrandi, with partner Barb Bindon and associate Josh Halbedel, founded Maryland Land Advisors to serve the needs of landowners throughout our state. Whether you own land as a family, a farmer, investor, land developer, sportsman, lender,or institution, our team of land professionals is here to help you. We have the knowledge and proven track record to serve your needs regarding any aspect of land brokerage, consulting, or development.  With more than $400 million of land placed under contract since 1997, we are experts in land brokerage, conservation, strategic planning, easement acquisition or disposition, for-fee development, agricultural preservation, and so much more. Our service area spans the entire state of Maryland, from Allegany County to Wicomico County, and every jurisdiction in between.

Maryland Land Associates are members of the Realtors Land Institute, where we have earned or are candidates to earn the designation of Accredited Land Consultant. Each Maryland Land team member is a licensed real estate professional in the state of Maryland. 


Mr. Ferrandi is a true open land Broker Specialist. He has years of experience marketing open land for residential and commercial development. And, he has a unique personal knowledge of the individual developers that are actively purchasing property. We relied completely on his marketing knowledge, professional advice and leadership. I feel confident in my recommendation of Stephen Ferrandi for any open ground sales project.
Glenn Curtis
Morehead City, NC

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Featured Posts

Featured Posts

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    If you have land for sale in Baltimore County, you may be surprised at what your land is worth for residential development. While there are many factors that determine the value of any given parcel of land in Baltimore County or elsewhere, here are a few variables that contribute to the value of your property. For a more detailed, no-obligation opinion of value of your land located anywhere in the state of Maryland, please contact Stephen Ferrandi at 410-925-4566.
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    Power: The region's scarcity of land suitable for housing developments has caused national companies to spend whatever it takes for a parcel - even if it means a loss.
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    On the wall in my home office hangs a Somerset Tribune news article from 1940 stating the terms and dates of an agricultural sale to occur in the West Princess Anne area. I don’t know the outcome of the sale other than I know the family did trade the land and equipment that day and did not stay in the agricultural business. It is interesting to consider the reasons and circumstance behind the family’s decision to sell the farms and equipment and even more interesting to consider the opportunities that continuing to farm the land might have created for that family
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SOLD | ±1.62-acre Residential Building Lot | Freeland
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Stephen Ferrandi Speaks on Mixed-use Development

With more than $400 million worth of land under contract in Maryland, we are the land experts.

Throughout Maryland we are experts in land brokerage, conservation, strategic planning, easement acquisition or disposition, for fee development, agricultural preservation, and so much more. My team and I cover the entire state of Maryland from Allegany County to Wicomico County and every jurisdiction in between.

Our Team of Dedicated Brokers

Stephen Ferrandi
Stephen Ferrandi
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Barb Bindon
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Josh Halbedel
Josh Halbedel
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Tom Austing
Tom Austing
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Sara Nicolas
Sara Nicolas
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